Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is going to be quick. Spanish and tech are both good while I wish that they would go more into depth. Training seems like it is of course just going to only scratch the surface on many topics. We'll have to take the initiative to get out and learn about the things that we want to know about. Haven't gotten sick yet on anything thankfully. We are also finding out that our families are really nice and people here in general are more than willing to help out and give us a hand. I have some photos so I think that I will try and put them up now. Not too much time more because we have to go out and find a post office and get some lunch before they block off our life again for the afternoon. I miss you all. Chau! Okay sorry no photos. Internet connections are too bad. I'll try to figure out another way to get them online.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Now in Paraguay

Wow! I´m okay and everything is going well. After a long flight we are here in Paraguay and it´s hard to believe. There is so much to say and only a little bit of time to write down some things. Overall the experience has been wonderful and I really think I have a great family. I have hot heated shower and my own room which has a full size bed, stand alone closet and window with a desk and a night stand also. He is a farmer and has two sons and a daughter who is married. They sons are 20 and 25 years old and the daughter is 30. She is married to Nestor and they have a son named Alex. My family is related to many of the other families in the community. We ride in about once a week to the trainers in Guarambare but I live in Posta Goana off of Ruta 1. They are a very talented group and we are already improving our spanish and guarani. We are going to some community dinners tonight and will try and play some flisbee tomorrow. We´ll I have to go and while I haven´t written any letters just yet, I have some time tomorrow to write and so I will. I miss you all!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Staging in Miami

Well, the two days of staging are now passed by and done. We have a great group of 34 people here ready to embark on a Peace Corps service to Paraguay!! As of tomorrow midday we will be arriving at the training center and making our way by dinnertime to meet with our host families. Our flight tonight is going to be a bit of a killer for me because I don't really sleep that well on the plane. Thats okay though because I got sleep last night and the whole group will be running on adrenaline. I'm really looking forward to seeing the country from the air, as we will be landing at Sao Paolo, Brazil and then having a connecting flight to Asuncion, Paraguay which is about two hours long. Now it's just time to make a few more phone calls and relax around the hotel pool and read!